On the Mat

Everyday on the mat training uniform includes dri-fit tee shirt for current competition season, Tiger-Rock training pants and current rank belt. Pants are to be hemmed directly at ankle. Replace when worn, faded or outgrown.

Ceremonial Uniform

Ceremonial Jacket is worn with dri-fit tee, Tiger-Rock pants, and current rank belt. Wear on the mat 1 week prior to belt testing, wear to belt testing, awards ceremony and all Tiger-Rock events. Sleeves to be hemmed directly at the wrist. Replace when worn, faded or outgrown.


Patches and chevrons are to be sewn 2″ below right shoulder. All white through red belts wear student patch with one chevron directly below. Black belts wear Black Belt patch with two chevrons below.  3 chevrons are worn by Master Black Belts.

Rank Belts

Belts should be worn at all times during training, testing and events.  Rank belts are never laundered but may be spot cleaned. Wear with pride.