Since 1983, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has proudly served the Beaumont, Vidor & Orange area. With over 7000 sq feet we are Beaumont’s oldest & largest Martial Arts training facility. Under the leadership of 7th degree black belt Master David Howells, we are proud to be the areas only Martial Arts school to have a professional staff working full time who are always available at our facilities to meet your needs. Teaching Martial Arts is what we do!  We are also proud to be recognized as the #5 Top Performing Tiger-Rock location in the nation.

We help students of all ages and backgrounds improve their personal, educational, artistic, and professional lives through our innovative martial arts and fitness training. With our nationally sanctioned “RISE” 15 step life lesson curriculum,  flexible scheduling, and a unique culture, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is the perfect fit for anyone that is looking to enhance their self-discipline, improve their physical strength and conditioning while developing life altering martial arts skills.

 Our Tiger Cubs “Successful 7” program complements our curriculum by providing our pre-schoolers with their very own age specific life-skills training. We also have lessons specifically designed to meet the needs of our teens by having a youth only class. We complete our program, by offering Competitions, Weapons,  Xtreme Performance, Honors and Leaders and Demonstration Team opportunities.


23,000+ students

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is proud to serve over 23,000 students in 30 states. Our students train toward internationally accredited belt promotions earned under the guidance & expertise of our exceptional Tiger-Rock Instructor team who must meet rigorous testing standards annually in order to maintain their instructor certification. With District, National & World Championship opportunities your skills will be put to the ultimate test and awards earned will be internationally recognized. We look forward to welcoming you to our team.


30 States


  • Serving Beaumont, Orange & Vidor

  • No Long Term Contracts

  • Lessons for Every Family Member

  • Great Family Rates

  • Flexible Lesson Schedule

  • Full Time Professional Staff

  • District, National, World Championship Opportunities

  • RISE 15 Step Life Lesson System

  • Extreme Tricking Weapons Class

  • Honors & Leaders Program

  • Martial Arts, Taekwondo (Korean Karate) & Self-Defense

  • Annually Certified Instructors

  • Standardized Curriculum

  • Accredited Belt Rank Promotions

  • Environment of Safety & Fun!

  • Unique Tiger Rock Culture

  • Lamar,  Miltary & Teacher Discounts