Youth ages 12-15

The Tiger-Rock Youth Martial Arts™ training program is unique from any other sport in that it shapes students to be strong, individualized competitors while at the same time teaching them the importance of working as a team. The Youth Program challenges participants to develop and strengthen their martial arts skills through high paced and exciting training classes. Students can also choose to compete for champion titles through the Tiger-Rock National Tournament Circuit.

Tiger Rock Martial art specializes in providing safe yet effective Martial Arts training to teens and young adults. These lessons are geared to meet the specific needs of our 12-15 year old group. We have experienced instructors who are trained to help through these sometimes awkward years. Our instructors are geared up to help teach the student how to navigate through life using the Discipline and Self Confidence gained at the Tiger Rock Academy. Whatever the challenge, we are here to help… Those who want to get in shape, we can help… Those who want to lose weight, we can help…those who are having a hard time developing a positive attitude, we can help…   Whatever your goals, the instructors at the Academy are up for the challenge!

Tiger Rock Taekwondo Beaumont Orange Vidor

Our Extreme performance weapons class is an additional enrichment opportunity that many of our teen students excel in. We are very proud to have several weapons competitors who have brought home Gold Medals from Tiger Rock District, National and World Championships.