7th° Black Belt David Howells

Sr. Master David Howells is the Owner of Beaumont, Orange & Vidor Tiger Rock Academies. Master Howells emigrated from England in 1986 and shortly afterwards began his Martial Arts training under the leadership of Senior Master Marv Conway. After serving in the United States Army for 4 years, he returned to Beaumont where he continued his  training. Master Howells has 32 years training and teaching experience and currently holds the rank of 7th. Degree Black Belt with Tiger Rock Martial Arts International. He also holds the rank of blue belt with Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy. He has consistently earned Top Ten National Honors for both sparring and forms competition. Master Howells, his family, staff, and outstanding team of Certified Instructors, would like to welcome you to Beaumont, Orange & Vidor Tiger Rock Academies.

email:  dh@trmatx.com


5th° Black Belt Glenda Carroll

Glenda Carroll is a Sr. 5th Degree Black Belt with Tiger Rock Martial Arts International.  She started her Martial Arts journey in 1992 with her children at the Beaumont location under the leadership of Senior Master Conway. Ms. Carroll has held the honor of being a National Top Ten Competitor, a Certified Instructor and an Academy owner.  After having bi-lateral knee replacement in 2012 she took 2 years off from teaching to fully heal, but is now back in full action. Ms Carroll is a Certified Instructor at the Beaumont, Orange and Vidor Tiger Rock Academies.

Ms. Carroll’s family is her heart and she has had the privilege of training with them, even her grandchildren participate!   Ms. Carroll is also a member of the Orange Lions Club and is very active in community activities and her church, Turning Point of Vidor.

Ms. Carroll’s motto: –         If you’ve ever wondered if TaeKwonDo is fun?  IT IS!!  If you’ve ever wondered if TaeKwonDo is for you?  IT IS!!  Come and join me on this incredible journey.  See you at the Academy!

Email: gc@trmatx.com

4th° Black Belt Alex Strait

Alex Strait began his martial arts training when he was just an 8 year old child under the leadership of Sr. Master Howells. He grew up in Beaumont and graduated from West Brook High School. He continued his martial arts training throughout his high school years and accepted the challenge to join our Jr Instructor program.  After graduation Alex became a full time martial arts instructor and earned his teaching certification through Tiger Rock. Alex has grown both mentally and physically into a superior martial artist and accepts every challenge that comes his way.  He is a steadfast leader whose unwavering commitment to his art is evident in his teaching.  He leads by example and is always meticulous and eager when teaching others to love this art as he does. Alex is a tough competitor and continuously places in the top 3 at both National and World Championship competitions.

Sr. 4th° Black Belt Taylor Wright

Taylor Wright began her martial arts training at age 11 when she first started as a Jr. white belt. She was an outstanding student who always stood out as being very talented and hard working on the mat.  After graduation from West Brook High School she continued her journey and entered the Tiger Rock Instructor program.  In June 2015 she became Center Manager for Beaumont, Orange and Vidor locations. Ms. Wright continues to excel as a both a martial artist and as an instructor.  She is an avid competitor who consistently attends and places at all Tiger Rock Championships.  She specializes in weapons and currently holds the gold and silver medals at both World and National Championship levels. Ms Wright has also inspired and trained several students to achieve World Championship status too.

In Aug 2016 Ms Wright enrolled at Lamar University to continue her education and is currently working towards her B.F.A. in Film Directing and Screenwriting.

 email: tw@trmatx.com

4th° Black Belt Jack Howells

Jack Howells officially began his martial arts training at the age of four when he was old enough to enter the Tiger Cub Program.  As the son of Sr. Master Howells he unofficially began his training whenever an opportunity presented itself…..on the hour every hour!  He graduated from the Tiger Cubs program and as a Junior he proudly earned his black belt at ripe old age of 7. The family trampoline became the “Octagon” where techniques were practiced with his black belt siblings.  As a child Jack displayed phenomenal eye hand coordination and spatial awareness and so as Jack grew he became a force to be reckoned with. After graduating from West Brook High School he started to work at the Academy where he became a full time Certified Instructor.  As a adult Jack became a National and World Champion Tiger Rock Black Belt.  He has followed in his father’s footsteps and is a caring and inspirational leader. Jack continues his martial arts education with his sights set on becoming a Tiger Rock School owner.

email: jh@trmatx.com

4th° Black Belt Amber Heldreth

Amber Cavitt began her martial arts training at age 7 with her older brother. As a young student, she was always seeking to improve her skills and be the best version of herself. She maintained this go-getter attitude throughout high school and eventually joined Tiger Rock’s Instructor Program. After graduating from Dallas Baptist University, she returned to Tiger Rock and is now a full time Instructor at both the Beaumont and Orange locations. Amber competes at both National and World Championships and is a World Titlist Competitor. She leads by example and continues to be a life-long learner.

Sister in Christ,

Amber Heldreth-Cavitt

email: ah@trmatx.com

4th° Black Belt Abby Bell

Abby Bell began her martial arts training at the age of 11 in Kingwood Texas under the leadership of Grandmaster Victor Jordan and his Senior Master wife Sandy Jordan. She entered the Honors and Leaders program at age 13, earned her instructor certification at age 16 and received her blackbelt in 2015. She moved to Beaumont to attend Lamar University where she is a business major. Abby has always loved working with children. Abby says that martial arts has made her the person she is today. ” I have become more outgoing, confident and an all around better person”.

email: ab@trmatx.com

2nd° Black Belt Kaiwei Nethercott

Kaiwei Nethercott started his martial arts journey studying Taekwondo in central east China where he was born. He moved to Beaumont, Texas with his family in 2013.   Kaiwei joined Tiger-Rock after his younger sister Kaitlyn inspired him to continue his Taekwondo training. She was their first Tiger-Rock family member but she was soon followed in 2014 by Kaiwei, then younger sister Zoe and lastly Mother Beibei Shi. Kaiwei earned his black belt in 2016, he is a member of our demonstration team and is a District, National and World Championship titlist. He currently attends West Brook High School where he is an Honor Roll student and secretary of the Entertainment Club. Kaiwei Nethercott is the youngest Certified Instructor in our academy history.  As a member of our Leadership Team he studied and prepared for the test ahead of his 16th birthday and upon turning 16 took the test immediately. He successfully passed the exam 2 days after his birthday. Kaiwei wants to be an inspiration to his students just as his instructors are to him. He is an outstanding member of our team and has a very bright Tiger-Rock future.


4th° Black Belt Chris Melancon

Chris Melancon was born and raised in Beaumont Texas.  He began his martial arts journey at the young age of 13 and earned his black belt in 1994 under Tiger-Rock Grandmaster Marv Conway. Upon graduation from Hardin Jefferson High school Chris served 4 years in the U.S. Army where he served in South Korea for 4 years. Chris attended Lamar University Police Academy and has served for 19 years with both Orange and Beaumont police departments. He is also a member of the Swat Team.  His martial arts training gave Chris the confidence and leadership skills to succeed in life. Chris is now passing these same skills on to his son Gabe who recently earned his blue belt.

email: cm@trmatx.com

1st° Black Belt Richard Temple

Richard Temple began his martial arts journey after spending several years watching and encouraging his daughter Kearsten in her training. Richard’s kind and cheerful spirit made him a natural candidate for the instructor program and is evident to all who meet him both on and off the mat.  There is no task too great for Richard as he assists in every aspect of our Tiger Rock program.  Richard trains and assists at both the Beaumont and Orange locations. Richard continually challenges himself to grow as a martial artist and embraces the opportunity to compete at all Tiger Rock Championships.

email: rt@trmatx.com


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