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The adult Martial Arts Skills training program was developed for individuals who want more than just the traditional gym experience.  Our program focuses on the development of functional martial arts skill that provides real benefits both inside and outside the training facility.  Why dread working out?  At Tiger-Rock, we believe you can reach your goals through an exciting and enjoyable training program.

For Men

Tiger Rock Combative Arts for adults is a system comprised of Classic Taekwondo, HanMuDo and  Grappling. Effective personal protection may involve  the use of more than one art at a time. Physical fitness and mental strength…give  yourself  the edge. In addition to learning  highly effective means of self defense, you will also get yourself in  incredible physical shape. You will improve your confidence, strength,  endurance, flexibility and coordination, all in a fun, challenging and exciting  format designed especially for adults. As a means of achieving total physical  fitness, controlling weight, relieving stress or adding an exciting new dimension to your life, training in our academy offers you a safe, professional  environment for achieving your goals. No matter what shape you are in, we have a class for you!

For Women

Challenge yourself and introduce an exciting new facet to your life as a mother, wife, daughter or significant other regardless of your season in life. Improve flexibility, coordination, strength, endurance, focus and more with Tiger Rock Martial Arts — childhood athletic experience not required! The proven rewards of martial arts range from reducing stress to maintaining a physical edge to increasing mental keenness.  After simultaneously engaging your mind and body in our one-hour lessons, you will wonder where the time went and be amazed at how accomplished you feel!  Take advantage of our flexible schedule that offers classes to fit your busy lifestyle –daytime, evening and weekend classes ensure you can train and achieve your goals!  Whatever your goal is, Tiger Rock Martial Arts will help you get there.

& Couples Too

Take your relationship to a new level with Tiger  Rock Martial Arts!

Train together in our coed adult classes designed to challenge your mind and your body.   Experience the satisfaction of achieving goals together. Find a deeper connection with each other as well as a deeper understanding of the sport of martial arts.  Simultaneously STRENGTHEN your body and your relationship. Not only will you  have FUN training together on the mat, you will also bring your experience HOME with you as you enjoy the benefits of INCREASED FITNESS and REDUCED STRESS.

Share the Tiger Rock Martial Arts experience and CELEBRATE each belt rank along the way!