Take your training to the next level through our Leadership / Instructor Program. This Program is offered by invitation only to Green Belts+ aged 8+. Participation provides the opportunity for Juniors, Youth & Adults to improve their decision making and leadership skills. They will develop a greater sense of responsibility through assistance of fellow students in the classroom. They will improve their confidence through student management and demonstration. Public speaking skills will be developed as this elite team will be called upon to lead and give direction as needed. They will become mindful of how their bodies are fueled while developing goal setting and time management skills. Real life application of the Tiger-Rock Journey’s will reviewed, encouraged and recognized. Through participation in our Leadership Program we encourage participants to be the best Martial Artist they can be.


Get Certified

Participation is at the discretion of your instructors. Membership is available to students from all area locations who receive an invitation at their Champions Ceremony.

Once an invitation is received, and participation is acknowledged, then attendance at our weekly Leadership Lesson is required. Students will learn how to become leaders while they assist and document 20 lessons. Upon completion of their training, participants must test before being presented with their Leadership patch. Non-Black belts also have the honor of wearing a red jacket to assist in classes. At age 16 participants may test to become a fully Certified Instructor.

Membership upgrade is required.


Ages 16 years and older also have the opportunity to become certified instructors. Certified instructors must renew certification annually and wear black uniform jackets.