If increasing academic performance and discipline is your goal then Tiger-Rock lessons can be highly beneficial.  After conducting a  recent study,  Dr. William Martin, Ph.D. from The University of West Florida stated that,

” martial arts training has proven to effect positive change on academic grade performance, through improved socialization skills, self esteem and reduced fear of failure.”

Our RockStar Program® provides an excellent opportunity for relationships to develop between school teachers, Tiger-Rock Instructors, parents and students.


Simply turn in a RockStar form to your teacher and ask if they could reward your efforts with their signature.  Encourage your teacher to check the “Guest Speaker” and/or “Bully Know” options and we will contact your teacher.  If we come to your classroom we will make you the star of the show as you assist your instructor in showcasing some of the life skills you have learned.

A star is awarded for conduct, and citizenship in school and not for grades.  Your star will be awarded to you at your next rank testing Awards Ceremony by your instructor.
Sew your star on your belt and wear it proudly…You earned RockStar status!