MAY 14th, 15th + 16th

In ancient Times Korean warriors practiced 24 ancient warrior specialties described in the Muye Dobo Tong Ji, circa 1790. Warriors were highly conditioned mentally and physically. Two hundred & thirty (230) years later modern Tiger-Rock Warriors continue their tradition of mental and physical development & commitment to community.

Tiger-Rock’s May 2020 Warrior Challenge Event requires speed, power accuracy, attributes symbolic of the R15E journey.

Challenge yourself to participate in the first Tiger-Rock Warrior Challenge.  This is a National Event that will be taking place at all Tiger-Rock locations all across the country.

Train at home from now through May 14th so that you may build strength, speed, and stamina and prepare for your 3 day performance.  The 3 day event consists of 7 categories that will all be performed at home at your pace over the 3 day window May 14th-16th. Five events are timed however all 7 must be completed during the 3 days in any order that you choose. Follow the training videos to improve your performance.

Use the official scorecard, that you will receive after you register, to tally your final times over the 3 days. The five event times will all be combined to give you one final time score. Complete and submit your score card with final time by May 16th.  3 winners will be announced and prizes awarded based on fastest times within each age division.  Participants from Beaumont + Orange locations will be combined. Winners will also receive Warrior Challenge Certificates and recognition.

Thank you for your participation. Most of all enjoy!!!

Sign up through personal link that you will receive via e-mail.  If you did not receive a link then please contact us (409)838-6667. Participation Fee is $10. Once registered we will send you an official score card to record and submit your times. Completed score cards are to be submitted by the end of the day May 16th to